Esri ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript Licensing

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Esri ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript Licensing


Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is provided as-is for the convenience of EarthSoft clients. This article is not officially sanctioned by Esri and the information referenced herein may change without notice. This article may not be used for the legal definition or declaration of Esri licensing agreements.


The EQuIS Enterprise Map Widget (as well as some other widgets) use the Esri ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript to provide web-based GIS functionality (base maps, user interaction, displaying EQuIS data as layers, etc). After initial installation, EQuIS Enterprise will utilize the Esri sample server for ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript functionality. The sample server may only be used for development and testing purposes; it may not be used for production usage. Before using EQuIS Enterprise web-based GIS functionality (e.g., Map Widget) in a production environment, you must configure EQuIS Enterprise using the method described here.


ArcGIS Server License


As stated by Esri:

"To deploy an app you build with the ArcGIS APIs or SDKs, you will need a trial or subscription for ArcGIS Online.*

*An ArcGIS Online subscription is not required for organizations that use the Web APIs in conjunction with an ArcGIS for Server or Portal for ArcGIS license."


A valid Esri ArcGIS for Server license includes usage rights for Esri ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript. If your organization owns a valid Esri ArcGIS Server license, then you do not need an ArcGIS Online subscription to use ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript. To utilize the usage rights included with your ArcGIS for Server license, make the following modification(s) to the ST_CONFIG table in each of your EQuIS database(s):












Enter the full URL to map server hosted by your ArcGIS Server environment (e.g., https://GIS01/ArcGIS/rest/services/BaseMapServer)





Enter full URL to the Geometry Server hosted by your ArcGIS Server environment (e.g., https://GIS01/ArcGIS/rest/services/GeometryServer)


After updating the ST_CONFIG table, you also need to add your GeometryServerURL to the ./Enterprise7/Widgets/EQuIS/GIS/Proxy.config file. Open the Proxy.config file in an XML/Text editor and add your GeometryServerURL within the <serverUrls> element, and then save the file:

<serverUrl url="https://GIS01/ArcGIS/rest/services/GeometryServer"  matchAll="true"></serverUrl>