Date Format Settings in EDP

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Date Format Settings in EDP

EDP recognizes the international date format (yyyy/mm/dd) as a valid date format, regardless of internet browser and computer settings.


If data are not provided in the international date format, do one of the steps below.


1.For *.txt or *.csv files, the date format recognized by EDP is controlled by the Language Preferences in the internet browser. The language listed at the top is the one that EDP refers to. If the date format is American (mm/dd/yyyy), then *.txt or *.csv files with dates in that format, such as 10/18/2010, will load into EDP without any data type errors. Conversely, when using the American date format setting, *.txt or *.csv files loaded with a date like 18/10/2010 will display an invalid data type error.


2.For *.xls, *.xlsx and *.mdb files, the computer’s Control Panel > Region and Language > Date Format setting is a factor. This is because with Microsoft Access or Excel files, the computer itself interprets the date values, so if the computer’s interpretation (Region and Language settings) does not match what EDP expects (IE Language Preferences), an invalid date error may result. With *.txt and *.csv files, 18/10/2010 is just a sequence of characters and is not assigned a data type until loaded into EDP.



Date formats specified for a specific field in the format itself will take priority over other date format settings.

If you are using Windows 10, please follow the instructions here.