Percent Solids Check

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Percent Solids Check






The DQM Check for Percent Solids verifies that percent solids (= 100 – DT_TEST.PERCENT_MOISTURE) values are within user-specified control and warning limits for sample matrix codes that have the specified MEDIUM_CODE in RT_MATRIX.


Note: RT_MATRIX.MEDIUM_CODE must be populated for this check to function or the MEDIUM_CODE input parameter must be set to NULL in the Settings (i.e. delete the Value in the Settings\Parameter table, but do not delete the whole row for that parameter).




Check name is EarthSoft.DQM.PercentSolids = Percent Solids.




This check uses three Global Parameters:

1.reportable_result DT_RESULT.REPORTABLE_RESULT values to include in DQM datasets.

2.result_type_code DT_RESULT.RESULT_TYPE_CODE to include in DQM datasets.

3.test_type_batch – AT_TEST_BATCH_ASSIGN.TEST_BATCH_TYPE to include in DQM dataset.


Four parameters are available for this check. None of these parameters allow for analyte-specific or method-specific PARAM_VALUEs.

1.Medium_code* – Defaults to "Soil".

2.Sample_type_code* – Defaults to "N".

3.Lower_control_limit – Defaults to 10.

4.Lower_warning_limit – Defaults to 20.



Default parameter values listed above refer to the value provided in the DQM Starter QAPP.xlsx.

For parameters marked with *, all result records are checked if the PARAM_VALUE is NULL for this parameter in RT_DQM_CHECK_PARAM.




There are four rules:

1.INVALID = Qualify the result if the value of DT_TEST.PERCENT_MOISTURE is NULL or is not numeric.

2.LESS THAN LOWER WARNING LIMIT = Qualify the result if it is a detected concentration and Percent Solids < LOWER_WARNING_LIMIT.

3.LESS THAN LOWER CONTROL LIMIT = Qualify the result if it is non-detect and Percent Solids < LOWER_CONTROL_LIMIT.

4.BETWEEN CONTROL AND WARNING LIMITS = Qualify the result if it is non-detect and Percent Solids >= LOWER_CONTROL_LIMIT and < LOWER_WARNING_LIMIT.




In the Errors tab of the DQM Event Review Form, this error may be listed:


"One of the required rules for this check is not present in the RT_DQM_RULE table."
       If you receive this error, the QAPP can be updated following the How to Update Existing QAPPs documentation page.