Numeric Results Check

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Numeric Results Check






The DQM Check for Numeric Results verifies sample results do not exceed limits.




Check name is EarthSoft.DQM.NumericResults = Numeric Results.




This check uses three Global Parameters:

1.reportable_result DT_RESULT.REPORTABLE_RESULT values to include in DQM datasets

2.result_type_code DT_RESULT.RESULT_TYPE_CODE to include in DQM datasets

3.test_type_batch – AT_TEST_BATCH_ASSIGN.TEST_BATCH_TYPE to include in DQM dataset


One parameter (listed below) is available for this check. This parameter does not allow analyte-specific or method-specific PARAM_VALUEs.


1. sample_type_code – the sample type(s) of the samples to be included in this check. The default value is “N”.


As many parameters can be added as are needed. None of the user-selected parameters allow for input of method-specific or analyte-specific PARAM_VALUEs.

The PARAM_CODE can be any value, but each PARAM_CODE must be different since this is a Primary Key field.

DQM does not use the values in PARAM_CODE in the evaluation; they are just identifiers for the user.


There must be at least one parameter with a numeric value in the PARAM_VALUE ("Value" in the Settings Form) column and with the units specified in the REMARK column. The REMARK column controls this check. The check looks for any results with the same units as those listed in the REMARK column of the parameter.

The parameter(s) can be renamed if desired, and additional parameters can be added.

The PARAM_VALUE is the maximum limit for the units listed in REMARK (unless PARAM_VALUE begins with "<").

Two parameters can be added for the same units to test both greater than and less than values. (They must have different PARAM_CODE values, but the units in the REMARK would be the same).

The REMARK contains one or more result units.


For example:

PARAM_1.PARAM_VALUE = 1000 and

PARAM_1.REMARK = mg/g, mg/ml.

If a result with a unit of mg/g or mg/ml is greater than 1000, then it will be qualified.




There is one rule, and it is NUMERIC RESULTS = qualify a result if:




The result is also qualified and an error is added to the Errors tab of the DQM Exceptions Report by EDD Form if:






In the Errors tab of the DQM Event Review Form, these errors may be listed:

"One of the required rules for this check is not present in the RT_DQM_RULE table."
       If you receive this error, the check will be skipped. Alternately, the QAPP can be updated following the How to Update Existing QAPPs documentation page.

"You must prepare at least one user input parameter for this check, e.g. param_value=1000 and remark=mg/g,mg/ml. Note: Name a parameter any way you want. A parameter value is the max limit (> the limit is invalid). Its remark contains one or more result units."
       If you receive this error, the check will be skipped.

"Remark must be populated for the {0} parameter of this check."
       If you receive this error, the check will be skipped.

"Result_unit is NULL at"
       If you receive this error, the check will be skipped.