Create a Project for SPM

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Create a Project for SPM

EQuIS supports project-level data organization in SPM and EDGE.


Create Project


1.Ensure a record exists in RT_TASK_TYPE where TASK_TYPE = PROJECT

2.In the SPM Task Editor > Task Parameters tab, click Project # > Edit/Add.


SPM Task Editor

SPM Task Editor





3.DT_TASK will appear in a new window. Existing project information may be selected, or new project information can be added.




4.If adding a new task, ensure that DT_TASK.PROJECT_TYPE is set to PROJECT. Click OK when complete.


Add Project Data to Planned Task


In the Planned Task editor, the "Project #" drop-down will list all tasks with TASK_TYPE="Project". Make a selection from the drop-down to choose the project for this task.


Project information will be propagated to the Task section of the EDGE Field EDD report.


Add Project Information to EDGE


In the Task tab, project information can be added ad-hoc, given that the task type "PROJECT" exists in the reference values file (RVF).