How to Connect EQuIS to ArcGIS Pro

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How to Connect EQuIS to ArcGIS Pro

After completing the appropriate setup, the ArcEQuIS ribbon will be available in ArcGIS Pro Desktop.


1.Start ArcGIS Professional Desktop.

2.Create a new Map Project.

3.Click the Add Site button on the ArcEQuIS ribbon. This will open the Add EQuIS Enterprise Site form for connecting to an EQuIS Enterprise site.


4.Enter the target EQuIS Enterprise URL.

5.Enter user Authentication details. Three methods of user authentication to the EQuIS Enterprise site are supported: (1) Esri, (2) EQuIS, and (3) API Token. EQuIS users must be assigned to the REST API role (in Enterprise) for any authentication mechanism to succeed.

Esri – Single Sign On (SSO) authentication based on the Esri-authenticated user also being an EQuIS user. To setup SSO authentication, follow the Esri-authentication instructions in the ArcEQuIS Requirements and Setup article. The Esri user's email must match the email of a valid EQuIS user for the Enterprise site entered.

EQuIS – Enter your EQuIS username and password for the EQuIS Enterprise site.

API Token – EQuIS Enterprise includes a REST API endpoint for generating JSON Web Tokens for authentication. A Token can be generated through the Enterprise Interface (See User Profile Editor).  


6.Click OK. When the EQuIS Enterprise site connects, a group layer named with the connected URL is added to the map.  



Refresh Connection to a Layer


The connection to a layer must to be refreshed if the token used to authenticate the user has expires. This could occur if the program is left open for a long period of time or if a user has saved and is now reopening the project. It will be shown by a Red Exclamation point next to the layer name, in the Contents pane.


1.Open Saved project with an ArcEQuIS layer.

2.Select Refresh Site to reconnect any linked database layers.

3.For each Enterprise site, re-authenticate.

4.The token for each layer will be refreshed. The connection will also be added to the Add Data Form so that additional layers may be added.