Set Samples 'on hold'

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Set Samples 'on hold'

In certain cases, it may be necessary to collect field samples and submit those to the laboratory, but to instruct the laboratory to not analyze these (store 'on hold'), until advised by the client at a later date. This may be useful in the case of delineating contamination 'hot-spots' or if awaiting the results of preliminary screening analyses.


Samples may be placed 'on hold' in SPM.


Setting Samples' Status to 'on hold' in SPM


1.Open the task editor by double-clicking the desired task, or highlight it and click Edit in the Planned Tasks section of the Plan tab on the ribbon.

2.Navigate to the Samples tab.

3.Highlight the desired sample(s) to set or release from hold, click the Hold drop-down, and select the desired action:




Chain of Custody


When the Chain of Custody (COC) is exported from the COC Manager in SPM or EDGE, any samples scheduled for 'hold' will be marked with an 'H'.




Showing 'on hold' in the Container Label


It is possible to generate a label with the "on hold" field set to Y or N from EDGE. This is done by adding the value {hold_yn} in the designated rows on the custom labels template. This process is further explained in the EDGE - Label Printing documentation article.