Sample ID Builder

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Sample ID Builder

In the EDGE-enum.xml file, there are five sections that control the automated Sample ID (SYS_SAMPLE_CODE) builder. By moving one of the enumeration values to the top of the list, you can control each of several functions of the Sample ID builder.


The sections in the default EDGE-enum.xml file will look like the following. Use the EDGE ConfigurationPlugin tool in the Plugins section to move values to the top of the list.




Below is a detailed description of each section.


<xs:simpleType name="sampleid_spm">

   <xs:restriction base="xs:string">

     <xs:maxLength value="10" />

     <xs:enumeration value="ADHOC_ONLY" />

     <xs:enumeration value="DISABLE" />

     <xs:enumeration value="REPLACE" />



 <xs:simpleType name="sampleid_separator">

   <xs:restriction base="xs:string">

     <xs:maxLength value="10" />

     <xs:enumeration value="UNDERSCORE" />

     <xs:enumeration value="DASH" />

     <xs:enumeration value="PERIOD" />

     <xs:enumeration value="NOTHING" />



 <xs:simpleType name="sampleid_date_format">

   <xs:restriction base="xs:string">

     <xs:maxLength value="15" />

     <xs:enumeration value="yyyyMMdd" />

     <xs:enumeration value="yyyyMMddHHmm" />

     <xs:enumeration value="MMddyy" />

     <xs:enumeration value="MMddyyHHmm" />

     <xs:enumeration value="ddMMyy" />

     <xs:enumeration value="ddMMyyHHmm" />



 <xs:simpleType name="sampleid_date_to_end">

   <xs:restriction base="xs:string">

     <xs:maxLength value="10" />

     <xs:enumeration value="DATE_TO_END" />

     <xs:enumeration value="DONT_MOVE_DATE" />



 <xs:simpleType name="sampleid_schema">

   <xs:restriction base="xs:string">

     <xs:maxLength value="100" />

     <xs:enumeration value="EDGE_LocDateMatrixDepth_Type2" />

     <xs:enumeration value="EDGE_LocDateMatrixDepth_Type" />

     <xs:enumeration value="EDGE_Loc" />

     <xs:enumeration value="EDGE_LocDate" />

     <xs:enumeration value="EDGE_LocDateDepth" />

     <xs:enumeration value="EDGE_LocDateMatrixDepth" />

     <xs:enumeration value="EDGE_LocMatrixDateType" />

     <xs:enumeration value="Edge_FacLocMatrixDateDepth" />

     <xs:enumeration value="EDGE_ifMatrixSO_LocCountSDepthEDepth" />

     <xs:enumeration value="EDGE_LocSDepthEDepthDate" />

     <xs:enumeration value="EDGE_FacLocDate" />

     <xs:enumeration value="EDGE_CustomSampleCode" />

     <xs:enumeration value="None" />




Detailed Descriptions:


SAMPLEID_SPM – This section controls how the Sample ID builder interacts with SPM rows.


ADHOC_ONLY – The Sample ID builder will only run on non-SPM samples.

DISABLE – This value will turn off the Sample ID builder for all samples.

REPLACE – This value will activate the builder for all samples and replace existing SPM sample IDs.


SAMPLEID_SEPARATOR – This section controls which separator is inserted between the values in the Sample ID.


UNDERSCORE – Example: MW-01_WG_20120529

DASH – Example: MW-01-WG-20120529

PERIOD – Example: MW-01.WG.20120529

NONE – Example: MW-01WG20120529


SAMPLEID_DATE_FORMAT – This section controls the format of the date in the Sample ID.


yyyyMMdd – Example: MW-01_WG_20120529

yyyyMMddHHmm – Example: MW-01_WG_201205291459

MMddyy – Example: MW-01_WG_052912

and more...


SAMPLEID_DATE_TO_END – This section controls the placement of the date value in the Sample ID.


DATE_TO_END – Date is moved to the end of the Sample ID.

Examples for EDGE_LocDateMatrixDepth:  



DONT_MOVE_DATE – If this value is at the top, the date is not moved to the end.

Examples for EDGE_LocDateMatrixDepth:  




SAMPLEID_SCHEMA – This section controls the overall schema of the Sample ID.


Note: The currently available SAMPLEID_SCHEMA enumerations were intentionally designed to obscure parent sample visibility in the lab setting, as blind duplicates and replicates can be critical components for ensuring analysis integrity. For example, the "EDGE_LocDateMatrixDepth_Type" and "EDGE_FacLocMatrixDateDepth" options both have code which varies the Sample ID, depending on the value in the SAMPLE_TYPE field. An incremental number is appended to the Sample ID to accommodate multiple FD and FR sample types taken on the same day at any number of locations.


When the Parent Sample Code field in EDGE is used to reference the parent sample, the parent-child relationship is inherently stored in the EDD and the database.


EDGE_LocDateMatrixDepth_Type – Examples for EDGE_LocDateMatrixDepth_Type:  

Type = "N"



Type = "FB" or "TB"



Type = "FD" or "FR"



EDGE_FacLocMatrixDateDepth – Examples for EDGE_FacLocMatrixDateDepth (where enumeration sampleid_date_to_end = DATE_TO_END):  

Type = "N"



Type = "FB" or "TB"



Type = "FD" or "FR"



EDGE_LocDate – Examples for EDGE_LocDate:  



EDGE_LocDateDepth – Examples for EDGE_LocDateDepth:  



EDGE_LocDateMatrixDepth – Examples for EDGE_LocDateMatrixDepth:  



EDGE_FacLocDateType – Expected sys_sample_code = "Facility-Location-Date-Type-Number". The number is an integer used to avoid duplicate SYS_SAMPLE_CODES.

Springfield-B-31-20190513-N-2 (the second sample)

Springfield-20190513-FD-1 (the first QC sample)

EDGE_CustomSampleCode – Used to enable custom sample IDs to be implemented.