Change Licensing Mode (useNetworkLicenses Setting)

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Change Licensing Mode (useNetworkLicenses Setting)

The EQuIS.exe.config file is part of the EQuIS installation, typically located in C:\Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS or, for per-user installations, %localappdata%\Programs\EarthSoft\EQuIS. Adding the useNetworkLicenses setting to the EQuIS.exe.config file can change the licensing mode to one of the following:

True – use network licenses

False – use local workstation licenses

Config – use network licenses specified in a connection string


The useNetworkLicenses setting is added to the EQuIS.exe.config file as follows. The Config mode also requires an additional section added for a connection string.



    <add key="useNetworkLicense" value="true"/>



If EQuIS Professional is installed to the Program Files, Windows administrator permissions may be required to modify EQuIS.exe.config.


The licensing modes are described below. For more information on how each mode tracks usage, see License Logging.


useNetworkLicenses = "True"


The network licenses are retrieved directly from the active database (or, if present, their license database). EQuIS uses existing local licenses if the network license is not available.


useNetworkLicenses = "False"


The licenses will be retrieved directly from the local/workstation licenses, saved in the C:\ProgramData\EarthSoft\EQuIS.exe.config file (a separate file with different contents than the EQuIS.exe.config file in the installation folder). Most non-EDGE EQuIS users will not have local licenses.


useNetworkLicenses = "Config"


A connection string to the database (as documented in the previous section) containing the licenses must also be added, such as in the bolded text of the following example. Underlined text indicates information that must be replaced. A connection string that has been previously encrypted by EQuIS Professional may also be used.





 <add name="databaseConnection" connectionString="Data Source=myServer;User ID=LicenseUser;Password=LicensePassword;Database=LicenseDatabase;pooling=true;Connection Timeout=600;" providerName="EarthSoft.Common.Data.SqlConnection" />




The network licenses are retrieved directly from the database specified in the Connection String section of EQuIS.exe.config in the EQuIS installation folder. EQuIS uses existing local licenses if the network license is not available.


If the user has permission to modify the EQuIS Professional EQuIS.exe.config file at run time (may require per-user installation or to Run as Administrator), then a connection string read from there will be encrypted. An example of an encrypted connection string in the EQuIS.exe.config file follows.




 <add name="databaseConnection" connectionString="RWN3ZSVZdn17bXBJcm+BhHlNaId6iDdhXVeAfY+Sh1txg5aXnJWZjGaPjJ" providerName="EarthSoft.Common.Data.SqlConnection" />



This encrypted value represents the current license server connection information. An encrypted connection string may be copied to end user workstations, allowing them to consume EQuIS network licenses from the specified database without compromising any SQL credentials.


Note: Make sure the connection string entry:

is in the appropriate format for the database and authentication type

points to the database that contains the licenses

does not change the providerName