Unable to Create Report

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Unable to Create Report

Affected Software/Reports/DLL(s): EQuIS desktop applications (such as EQuIS Professional)


Affected Software Version: EQuIS 6+


Symptoms: When opening a report, a user receives a message like the following, and the report may fail to open.


Pro-ReportData-GetReport-Unable to create report 'Analytical Results II - Statistics' of type 'EarthSoft.Reports.Library._80823.

Unable to create report 'Analytical Results II - Statistics' of type 'EarthSoft.Reports.Library._80823.AnalyticalResults_StatisticsII':

 at EarthSoft.Common.Reports.ReportData.GetReport(ReportInfo reportInfo, Boolean publishing)

 at EarthSoft.Common.Reports.ReportData.GetExecutableReport(ReportInfo reportInfo)

 at EarthSoft.EQuIS.Forms.Application.AddWorkspaceItem(ReportInfo reportInfo, FillModes fillMode)


Cause/Details: The *.DLL files used by EarthSoft class reports may not be accessible due to Windows permissions, such as blocked files. Out-of-date reports can also return this message.


If this message appears for multiple reports, EQuIS Professional may have been installed or extracted from a blocked installation or xcopy package.


Resolution/Workaround: To resolve this issue for a single file, take these steps:


1.Hover over the report name in the Open > Reports window to find the report filename. Reports are typically included in the EQuIS installation folder, such as C:\Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS or %localappdata%\Programs\EarthSoft\EQuIS.

2.Open Properties for the report DLL file, checking that:

a.the File Version in Details matches the current database and EQuIS Professional build and

b.the file is unblocked.

3.If the file is out of date, obtain an up-to-date copy of the file, such as by installing or reinstalling the correct build of EQuIS Professional, or consulting an EQuIS administrator.

4.Unblock the report file as follows:

a.If the file is in a protected folder, such as Program Files, copy the file to a folder with full read/write permissions for the user, such as Documents or Downloads.

b.Unblock the file by right-clicking on the file in Windows Explorer, selecting Properties, then checking the Unblock option and OK. For more details, see Unblock a Downloaded File.

c.If needed, copy/move the file back to the original directory (such as the EQuIS Professional folder). If EQuIS Professional was installed under Program Files, the user may need administrative privileges to move the file to that location.


To resolve this issue for an EQuIS installation, take these steps:


1.Unblock the installation or xcopy package.

2.Uninstall Professional (if applicable).

3.Reinstall/re-extract Professional using the unblocked files from Step 1.