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Affected Software Version: Databases with auditing on DT_LITHOLOGY in a pre- build that were then upgraded to build or


Symptoms: If you had auditing enabled on DT_LITHOLOGY prior to updating your database to build, and attempt to add records to DT_LITHOLOGY, you will receive the following error even when END_DEPTH is populated:


Failed to commit changes since one or more of the record(s) could not be saved. Could not insert into dt_lithology row #|#||... because the INSERT statement conflicted with the CHECK constraint 'CK__dt_lithology__end_depth__required' The conflict occurred in database "[DatabaseName]", table "dbo.dt_lithology". The statement has been terminated.


Cause/Details: The trigger [trg_dt_lithology_instead_of_insert] that is added when auditing is turned on for DT_LITHOLOGY is not properly re-created during the update process.


Resolution/Workaround: The database administrator should run the following in SQL Server Management Studio.


EXEC equis.refresh_schema 'dbo', 'dt_lithology';


For EarthSoft hosted clients, EarthSoft makes this change. If experiencing this error, please contact EarthSoft Support.