Location Groups

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Location Groups

Create location groups if there is a particular set of locations and intervals that are repeatedly selected for multiple plots. By default, most plots will query all location-interval pairs. To plot a particular set of location-interval pairs, click on the List button in the Query tab and then either pick location-interval pairs one-by-one or select a predefined location group.  Location groups are stored within the EnviroInsite document and are available for selection from plot objects within any view.


View a training video on the application of location groups here.


Add or remove location groups by selecting Edit> Groups> Locations from the main menu to open the Location Lists dialog box. Enter the name of the location group to be created in the list of Well Lists on the left side of the dialog box. Highlight the locations and intervals to be added and click on the right-arrow button. Multiple locations and intervals can be selected by clicking on one row and then holding down the shift button and clicking on a second row. Click the right arrow to move the values to the selected column.  Click on the OK button when finished.