Boring Groups

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Boring Groups

By default, most of the boring or stratigraphy plots will query all locations. To plot a particular set of locations, click on the List button in the Query tab and then either pick locations one-by-one or select a predefined boring group. Boring groups are stored within the EnviroInsite document and are available for selection from plot objects within any view.


Add or remove boring groups by selecting Edit> Groups> Borings from the main menu to open the Location Lists dialog box.




Click in a name in Location Lists to load that list. To create a new borehole group, click in the final row. Then, name the group and add borehole locations.



Select one or more locations from the "Select From" list. Then, click on the right arrow button, =>, to add to the list of selected locations.

The Selected pane shows the list of selected locations.