Live File Processor Agent Folder – FTP

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Live File Processor Agent Folder – FTP


Note: A local or UNC folder path can also be used for an FTP folder, if the FTP server is running on the same computer as this agent (use a local folder path), or if the FTP folder is shared over the network (use a UNC folder path). (It will be more efficient because it will not need to connect to, and download the files from, the FTP server.)








Delete the file from the FTP folder if its size is greater than or equal to this value.


For example, set this value to 0 to always delete the file, or set it to 1000 to delete the file when its size is greater than or equal to 1000 bytes.


This setting can be used with archiveFileMinimumSize to archive and delete a file when it reaches a specified size.


Default Value: Int64.MaxValue (9223372036854775807) bytes



Example: Set to 'ForceList' to use the LIST command even if the MLSD command is supported by the FTP server.


Use pipes ('|') to combine multiple options.


Default Value: Auto


Active or Passive.


Default Value: Passive


Time Span

[d.]hh:mm:ss, e.g., 00:03:21 = 3 minutes + 21 seconds, or 01:23:45 = 1 hour + 23 minutes + 45 seconds.


This agent checks (polls) the FTP folder periodically (at this interval, using a timer), and downloads and processes files that have been added to, or modified in, the FTP folder since the last time it checked. (The time between checks will be this ftpPollingInterval, plus the time that it takes to list, download, and process the files.)


This setting isn't used if running this agent as a report, e.g., the EIA's schedule is used to check (poll) the FTP folder periodically.


Default Value: 00:15:00



The user and password can also be added to the FTP URI, in folderWatcherPath, if they do not contain any disallowed characters (e.g., : or @ or #), and do not need to be encrypted.


The encrypt command line option can be used to encrypt the user and password.





Logging Level

Log the list of files in the FTP folder, every ftpPollingInterval (even if no files have changed)?


Default Value: Off