Tag Cloud - Chemical Concentrations

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Tag Cloud - Chemical Concentrations

Report Name: Tag Cloud - Chemical Concentrations (26695)


Report Type: Standard Report


Description: There are no input parameters for this report.


This report creates a tag cloud, based on overall chemical concentrations for the current facility.


The tag cloud is intended to show only the relative concentrations among chemicals. It should not be used for any quantitative purposes. The main query for this report is:




  sum(case when detect_flag in ('Y','TR') then

                                               (case when dbo.fn_unit_conversion(r.result_numeric, r.result_unit, 'mg/l',-999999) < dbo.fn_unit_conversion(r.result_numeric, r.result_unit, 'mg/kg',-999999) then

dbo.fn_unit_conversion(r.result_numeric, r.result_unit, 'mg/kg',-999999)

                                                     else dbo.fn_unit_conversion(r.result_numeric, r.result_unit, 'mg/l',-999999) end)

            else 0 end) as total

   from dt_result r

          inner join rt_analyte a on r.cas_rn = a.cas_rn

  where facility_id = @facility_id

group by a.chemical_name

order by a.chemical_name


This query retrieves all detected results (detect_flag in ('Y', 'TR')) and attempts to convert the result value to either mg/l ormg/kg. Any result values that do not convert to either of those two units are excluded. The values are then summed for each chemical. Each chemical is displayed in the tag cloud with a size that logarithmically represents the overall concentration for that chemical. Chemicals with relatively high concentrations will appear larger; whereas chemicals with relatively low concentrations will appear smaller.


If EQuIS users find this report useful, we could consider adding additional input parameters as requested. Please contact support@earthsoft.com if you have recommendations.


File Name: EarthSoft.Reports.Library.26695.dll


File Version: v5.5


Language: English


Input Parameters: A selection made to customize the output of a report.


Input Parameters

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Output Columns

There are no input parameters for this report.

There are no input parameters for this report.

Tag Cloud


Tables: Contact support@earthsoft.com for more information.


Database Type: SQL Server


Database Schema: Standard (no custom or add-on schema required)


Database Version: Any EQuIS 5+


Data Requirements: None.


Report Requirements: Excel


Output Type: Excel, HTML


Example Output: View the following example.