Analytical Statistics (72606)

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Analytical Statistics (72606)

Report Name: Analytical Statistics (72606)


Report Type: Standard


Description: This report allows for the comparison of results to historical data from the specified statistical date range. It includes the option to highlight exceedances and results that fall outside the range of the historical values as well as display the information in graphical form.


Note: When one action_level_code has two lines, it means a range of action levels (action_level and action_level_min are populated in DT_ACTION_LEVEL_PARAMETER) for an analyte exist.


Report Dependencies:


File Name: EarthSoft.Reports.Library.72606.dll


Languages: English and Spanish


Input Parameters: A selection made to customize the output of a report.


Note that the Additional Fields parameter may be customized as explained here.


Input Parameters are the specific choices made when running a report, i.e., specific locations, dates, and chemicals. Analytical Statistics requires the Input Parameters shown below.


Input Parameters

Input Parameter Screenshot

Output Columns






Date Range

Start Date

End Date


Delivery Group(s)









Non-Detect Multiplier

Reporting Limit


Date Range

Start Date

End Date

Maximum Percentile

Action Level 1

Action Level 2

Action Level 3

Action Level 4

Action Level 5

Generate Graphs

Secondary Axis

Additional Fields



Contact for more information.


Note: The Generate Graphs? \ Secondary Axis parameter will display all CAS_RN and CHEMICAL_NAME values from the RT_MTH_ANL_GROUP_MEMBER table by design. Selecting one or more values for the Result \ Analyte \ Group(s) parameter will filter the available Secondary Axis values based on the selected Analyte Group(s).




Database Type: SQL


Database Version: EQuIS 5.6+


Database Schema: Standard (no custom or add-on schemas required)


Data Requirements: None


Report Requirements: Excel


Output Type: Excel


To allow the report to run in Enterprise:


1.Remove the old report from both the database (ST_USER) and Enterprise/bin folder (any files related to 72606).

2.Publish the report (if not choosing to publish assembly; dll needs to be copied into the Enterprise/bin folder).

3.Copy the EarthSoft.Reports.Library.50943.dll to the Enterprise/bin folder (this report does not need to be published).


Revision History:


In version 6.4, the revisions below were completed.


1.The bug of counting Sample Count is fixed.

2.Sample Count is modified to Result Count.

3.Results are listed under the column headers Sample Date and Sample Type, while Sample Date is the only column header in the old version.

4.If the results of a sample type of an analyte are sampled on the same day and time and have a different analysis_date, they are listed in multiple columns corresponding to each analysis_date, and a superscript 1 is added to the Sample Date header of each different analysis_date, and a footnote "1 - Duplicate sample separated by analysis_date" is added after the result table.

5.The chart type is modified from Line to XY Scatter.

6.Action level units may not be correct and are fixed.

7.The bug where missing comma decimals for graphing in Spanish is fixed (1-7: Case 112745).

8.The Result/Reportable parameter is added.

9.The invalid statistics date range after analytical statistics is published is fixed (Case 114578).

10.Location NAME and TYPE are populated in the results, even when the coordinates of a location do not exist (Case 113235).

11.The issue where non-detects used a point (.) as a decimal delimiter for Spanish or another language, with a comma as a decimal point in a numeric digit, e.g. < 0.005 where it should be < 0,005, is fixed.

12.The issue where detects in a data table worksheet (not data worksheets for graphing) used a point (.) as a decimal delimiter for Spanish or another language, with a comma as a decimal point in a numeric digit, e.g. 10.01, where it should be 10,01, is fixed (Case 116828).


In version 6.6:

1.It may round an average value to a less precise value in some cases under SQL. For example, the average of 71.93, 2.48, 4.68 and 0.005 equals 19.77375. When the report rounds it to four decimal places, it is 19.7737 instead of the correct 19.7738. The issue is fixed (Case 132145).

2.If DT_SAMPLE records null SYS_LOC_CODE and the report is executed with default parameters, an error message of "Report did not generate output. Please try again. Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'String' is not valid." occurs. The issue is fixed. Under this case, the EMPTY_SYS_LOC_CODE, represent as null SYS_LOC_CODE, worksheet will be generated along with other SYS_LOC_CODE or location worksheets (Case 131167).


In version 7.0.0:

1.When more than one action level is selected in Analytical Statistics, only one action level is plotted and others are missed. This issue is fixed. On a chart of the data of Fraction D, the labels of action_level and action_level_min are the same or one action_level_code is listed twice. The report is modified so that the label of action_level_min is hidden or action_level_code is listed once. Note when one action_level_code has two lines, it means a range of action levels for an analyte exist (Case 134618).  


Example Output: Contact for more information.