Enterprise Workflow Service

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Enterprise Workflow Service

EQuIS Enterprise workflow service is a Microsoft Windows service that automates processing of EDDs and report generation. The workflow service is a collection of individual service threads set in an endless loop that may be described as:

1.Wake up

2.Update service reservation

3.Look for work

4.Perform work

5.Go to sleep


The table ST_SERVICE_RESERVATION defines all services in the workflow and their state. Most of the agents keep track of their tasks in the tables ST_JOB, ST_TASK, ST_FILE_REGISTRATION, ST_REPORT_TASK, and ST_REPORT_EVENT. Configuration information for each service is stored in the ST_CONFIG table and documented in the following chapter articles:

EFD Management – Defines how EQuIS Format Definition (EFD) files are managed and consumed by the Enterprise workflow service.

Email Deliver Agent – Sends notices generated by other workflow service agents.

Email Retrieval Agent – Retrieves any message found in a designated email box, strips all attachments from the message saving them to the EQuIS work folder, and then deletes the message.

FTP Retrieval Agent – Scans the designated folder on a remote FTP server and moves any matching files to the the EQuIS work folder.

File Monitor Agent – Scans defined channel folders for new EDDs and then loads the EDD into the EQuIS database for subsequent processing if the EDD file name matches the file naming convention.

File Process Agent – Loads EDDs into the EQuIS Schema by running EDP without a user interface.

Follow Up Task Agent – Tests the associated EDD against the rules defined by each EIA (EQuIS Information Agent) and conditionally creates a ReportGenerate workflow if reporting conditions are met.

Scheduled Workflow Agent – Scans the ST_SCHEDULE table for entries that were scheduled to run at least once since the last time they were evaluated