Loading Reference Values in EDP Standalone

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Loading Reference Values in EDP Standalone

Upon opening a format file in EQuIS Data Processor (EDP), EDP will search for a Reference Value File (.rvf) of the same name as the format file. If the file is present in the same directory as the format file, it will be opened. If it is not present or if there are multiple .rvf files with none matching the format file name exactly, then the user will be prompted to browse to the appropriate .rvf file.


Users can identify what .rvfs have been loaded by selecting the Reference Values tab. The path to the .rvf file is displayed in the lower-left corner. By clicking on the reference table name in the left pane of EDP, users may review the values for that table.


Note: RVF files may contain some data tables (DT_) as well as reference tables (RT_). This is normal behavior for some formats.


Note: The database system table ST_CONFIG will appear in the .rvf. The table will only contain values where config_section = 'EarthSoft.EDP.RVF'. These values are included in the .rvf to allow for certain EDP settings to take effect in EDP Standalone. Additional information about editing ST_CONFIG for EDP can be found in the help article ST_CONFIG - System Table.


If the used .rvf file has been given Created and/or Expiration dates (see note here), those dates will be noted in the bottom-center of the EDP window when the Reference Values tab is open.


In situations where various client-specific .rvf files are used regularly, it may be advisable to place the .rvf files in a directory other than the format file directory. This will cause EDP to prompt users to browse to the specific .rvf file each time the format is opened.


Format files may be zipped together for ease of use. If the format name is the same as the .rvf name and other files are zipped together, users should select the zipped folder when opening a format. EDP will automatically open the .rvf contained within.