Edit Scheduled Task

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Edit Scheduled Task

After a task has been scheduled, it may be edited as explained below.


Locate the Scheduled Task


1.Open the SPM Calendar and locate the Scheduled task.

2.Use the Scheduled Task tab in the main page of SPM.

a.Filter the list based on Planned Task.




When the task is found, double-click to open the SPM - Scheduled Task window.




The items listed below can be completed In the SPM - Scheduled Task window.

View details on the Scheduled Task

Mark the task as Completed, choosing a date of completion

oNote that this is in essence an "override" on the completion status of the task. A task marked as complete in this way will not show details in the SPM Completeness Reports.

Mark the task as Canceled.

Edit the parameters of the task, including Activities, Samples and Container information.

Assign the task to a person or company.