Datum Creation in EDP

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Datum Creation in EDP

By default, datum values such as "datum_start_date" and "datum_desc" that are added to "location_v1" are available in EDP to be pushed to the database.  


These values are set in EDGE in the location tab.


An enumeration called "UpdateMeasurementData" is now available that when not set to "Y" will not create any datum records from the location section when data is being pushed through EDP.


Ensuring Datum Values are in the EDD


1.Set the "UpdateMeasurementData" to "Y". (by default it should be set to this).

2.If there are datum values present in the EDD, when opening the EDD in EDP the datum_values will be present.


Ensuring Datum Values are Not in the EDD


1.Set the "UpdateMeasurementData" to "N"

2.When loading the EDD into EDP datum_values will not be present in EDP. This is regardless of whether there were any added in EDGE.