Configuration Security

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Configuration Security

EDGE has a security feature to assign a password to lock the settings/configurations that prevents access by a user. To setup security features, select Security from the EDGE Application Menu.




Four sections exist where security can be applied.

Options – EDGE Options that can be accessed from the Application Menu.

Form Setup – The Setup Section button of the configurable forms (e.g., FieldSampleForm).

Configuration – Plugins tab > EDGE Configuration button.

Projects – Set options for projects and control user access.



Steps for First Time Users


1.Create a password by entering a New Password and then entering it again in the Confirm text box.

2.After creating a password, the user is logged in (see image below). Choose which sections to lock.




3.Once the sections to lock are selected, click Logout to apply the settings and log out. To modify the secured sections, log back in with the correct password.