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Building a cross-section in EnviroInsite is easy to do. Once in the cross-section, you can select most of the same options available for plotting in plan views. When a user creates a cross-section in EnviroInsite, a Cross-Section Trace object is drawn in the plan view. EnviroInsite will automatically open a new window with a cross-section plot and a key map showing the location of the cross-section on the plan view map. You can always switch between the cross-section and plan views by selecting the appropriate tab at the top of the view window. If you decide to modify the profile points, select the cross-section trace line in the plan map window and drag the points to their new locations.


By default, the bedrock surface and ground surface on cross-sections are plotted based on the contents of the Surface Elevation field in the Wells table and the deepest borehole or well. You can provide a ground surface or bedrock surface by editing the Profile plot object that is automatically created when the cross-section is generated.


View a training video on creating cross-sections in EnviroInsite here.