EnviroInsite Cross-Section View Options

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EnviroInsite Cross-Section View Options

Select View> Options from the main menu to modify the cross-section view. The Cross-Section Options dialog box opens. Modify the cross-section properties as desired. Click the OK button to save changes.






Capture Distance


Data queries for plots on a cross-section include a parameter referred to as the capture distance. The capture distance value establishes how far horizontally an object may be from a cross-section line and still be plotted on that section. During the query, locations whose horizontal distance from the cross-section's defining polyline is greater than the capture distance are filtered out of the query. The default query size is set to a fraction of the overall cross-section length and may be modified in the Cross-Section Options dialog box. Reducing the capture distance will reduce the number of selected locations. This may be useful where many locations in the vicinity of the cross-section trace polyline result in an overly crowded figure. The capture distance can also be specified in the Query tab of individual plot dialog boxes if the default capture distance is not desired for the specific plot object.