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Saving a backup


Tap the Menu Col-Mobile_Menu-Icon icon. Tap Backup to create a zip package that contains all Collect data on the device. The generated backup file can be saved to an external storage card or internal storage, transferred through Bluetooth®/WiFi to another device, emailed, or uploaded to cloud storage depending on the operating system.


Android and iOS operating systems offer the ability to save backup packages using all previously mentioned methods, plus both operating systems allow device transfers to be done offline.


For Universal Windows Platform (UWP), the generated backup file can be emailed through the configured mail client (e.g., Outlook) or sent through a messaging platform (e.g., Microsoft Teams). There are required extra steps to download the backup file to a UWP device.

1.Click on the configured email option beneath "Share with".

2.Right-click on the attachment in the email window and select "Save".

3.Save the backup file to the UWP device.



Restoring a backup


The same user login credentials entered to log in when the backup was created must be used to log in when restoring the backup.


Note: If "Remember my credentials" was selected for the user who created the backup package, that user will automatically be logged in when the backup is loaded.


The processes for loading a Collect Mobile backup differ depending on the mobile platform being used, with platform specific steps listed below.


Android and iOS:

1.Find the Backup package

2.Press and hold on the ZIP file

3.Select "Share"

4.Choose to share with EQuIS Collect

5.Follow prompts on the screen to finish restoring the data


Universal Windows Platform (UWP):

1.Find the Backup package

2.Right click on the ZIP file

3.Select "Open with..."

4.Choose EQuIS Collect

5.Follow prompts on the screen to finish restoring the data


Note: When restoring a backup, all templates and data currently in Collect will be replaced. All data that has not been uploaded or backed up will be lost. A confirmation message will ask users to confirm before restoring a previous backup.