Collect Inspection Format

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Collect Inspection Format

A new, simplified EDD format called COLLECT_INSPECTION has been created for use with EQuIS Collect forms. The format includes sections that allow for the mapping of various types of data that may be gathered using Collect forms, including:













Each section is named after the EQuIS table to which its fields map; the field names within each section match with those in the corresponding EQuIS table. For example, data field in the Location_Parameter section would map to fields of the same name in DT_LOCATION_PARAMETER; Equipment_Notes to DT_EQUIPMENT_NOTE; etc.


Note: The Collect Inspection Format supports linking File and Geography to all other sections. Users must understand foreign keys (e.g., Note_type exists in RT_NOTE_TYPE). Use the EDD Description file to understand format structure.


The COLLECT_INSPECTION format comes only with a format definition file (*.xse) and a dll file. This simplified approach improves performance when working with this format in the Collect Form Designer, and when loading data from Collect into EQuIS. Data integrity checks will be made on EDDs imported through this format, but are limited only to checks on:

Primary Keys on each table

Field data type

Field length


It is assumed that the design of the Form Template will ensure that other facets of data integrity are addressed. For example, setting an Options list for a field on the Collect Form Template can ensure that the only values that can be recorded are contained in the database reference values.