Advanced Cost Manager

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Advanced Cost Manager

The Advanced Costs Manager option in the lab contract allows for estimating cost-per-task by method analyte group (MAG) or at the analyte level.




The Advanced Costs Manager can also be used to enter Turnaround Time, Report Level and Number of Samples for advanced cost calculations.




Add Cost Information in SPM


1.Select a company from the Labs list on the far-left column, and one or more analyte groups from the MAGs list in the center column.

2.Click Add in the menu bar to create a row in RT_SPM_COST_CALC and RT_SPM_COST_CALC_MAG.

3.Select a row under Cost Entries.

4.Enter cost information in the fields available for data entry along the right side of the form.

a.The Turnaround Time (Days) and Report Level fields are for the cost incurred when that turnaround time or report level is requested.

b.The # Samples field is for the numbers of samples that would represent different tiers of costs. For example, you may receive a per-sample discount if a larger volume of samples (amount A or greater) are requested at one time. Costs for these sample number ranges are entered in the "A Cost," "B Cost," etc., fields in the lower pane.

5.Click Save.


A Cost Entries row can also be deleted by selecting it from the list displayed in the form and clicking Remove.


If there are multiple Cost Entries with the different column values, click Unlock next to the values located in the far-right column.


Add Cost Information through EDP


These advanced cost parameters may also be uploaded to the EQuIS Database using the SPM_REF EDD format as indicated in Upload Reference Values with SPM_REF EDD Format. This format is installed by default in the .\Program Files\EarthSoft\SPM\Format\SPM\ directory. An example EDD named "SPM_Example_EDD.xlsx" is also supplied in the same folder, and houses some example cost calculation data.


The article Use Advanced Cost in Laboratory Contracts offers more details on how to work with the cost calculations configured in this form.