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ST_USAGE Introduction

Columns Included in ST_USAGE

ST_USAGE Locations

Activities Tracked in ST_USAGE

Additional ST_USAGE Information


ST_USAGE Introduction

The ST_USAGE table tracks the use of EQuIS objects and processes such as:

EDDs loaded

DQM events created

Reports run


Columns Included in ST_USAGE

Columns in the ST_USAGE table include:

user and object references

start & end dates

record counts

action types

HTTP Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) associated with actions

the size in bytes of the action


(Where applicable) The HTTP status code associated with the action


ST_USAGE Locations

ST_USAGE is used in the Report of Reports and User Activity Report, and data from ST_USAGE is used to generate the ST_REPORT_USE view (listed under Views, rather than System Tables). ST_REPORT_USE was a table in v6.x, but it was replaced with the broader ST_USAGE in v7.x, and a view of the former table was created for backwards compatibility.


Note: For databases that are not hosted by EarthSoft, the following permissions must be granted to read-only ALS roles (shown in example below as "EQuIS_ALS_ReadOnly") to ensure that usage from these users is written to the ST_USAGE table.

DENY DELETE ON dbo.st_usage TO [EQuIS_ALS_ReadOnly];


Activities Tracked in ST_USAGE


Below is a general summary of activities recorded in the ST_USAGE table:

opening Windows applications/extensions from EarthSoft


running PowerShell scripts on the EQuIS database

routine database statistics (e.g. size, record count, Enterprise processes/logging)

EQuIS Professional

oopening tables and views in EQuIS Professional

orunning reports

ocreating, reopening, or completing a Data Quality Module (DQM) event

EQuIS Data Processor (EDP)

oloading EDDs

EQuIS Enterprise

oaccessing dashboards and widgets

opreviewing, editing properties on, and downloading files

oviewing folders

ousing formats

oopening facilities and facility groups

orunning reports or changing report parameters

ochanges to user settings or permissions

orunning EQuIS Information Agents (EIAs)

oworkflow service or W3WP activity

oquerying the map server

EQuIS Live

oagent and logger activity

Sample Planning Module (SPM)

oplan design and updates

oviewing or editing components in the SPM dashboard in Enterprise

EQuIS Collect

otemplate usage, configuration, and publishing

odata loading and file creation

oform and report usage (mobile and web)

ogroup membership changes

oother required calls such as checking build or admin status


oactivity such as accessing permissionable objects (e.g. facilities, reports) or token assignment


Additional ST_USAGE Information

You can see additional information for ST_USAGE in the EQuIS Data Dictionary:

1.Log into the EarthSoft Community Center

2.Select the Data Dictionary

3.Under the EQuIS Data Dictionary header, select System Tables from the drop-down menu

4.Navigate through the pages and select the ST_USAGE table