License Database Linking

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License Database Linking

To configure sharing network license(s) between multiple databases, follow the steps below.

1.Choose a database to hold the network licenses. This can be an empty EQuIS Database, an existing EQuIS Database, or an external license database as described in License Database Setup.

2.Verify that the database to which linking will be added has already been updated (see Update EQuIS Database).

3.In SQL Server Management Studio, log in to the database where linking will be added.

4.Add a new record to the ST_LICENSE table with the following:

a.APP_ID = 1023

b.KEY_TYPE = 4

c.LICENSE_SERVER = database connection string to the database containing the string (see EQuIS Licensing). The License Database Setup page describes the required table permissions.

5.Once logged into the EQuIS database in EQuIS Professional, the ST_LICENSE.LICENSE_SERVER field within that EQuIS database will become an encrypted key string.


If the connection between an EQuIS database and the license database is successful, the Server ID that appears in the Network Licenses tab of the File > Registration screen (once logged into a facility of the EQuIS database) is for that license database.


Note: Depending on network security, the connection string may need further modification. For example, a VPN may require that the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) be used instead of the server name in the connection string.