Update Notification

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Update Notification

A notification to update the standard Professional Schema and the EQuIS application.




Note: The notification will also appear if the schema is newer and the user is connected to an older EQuIS version (e.g. connecting to a 7.0 database with EQuIS Version 6.6).


This feature is configurable for how often warnings will be displayed. The EQuIS Schema includes two records added to ST_CONFIG.




Defaults are added to the ST_CONFIG table in the schema.


config_section: VersionUpdateNotice

config_key: Professional

string_value: 1


config_section: VersionUpdateNotice

config_key: Schema

string_value: 6


The string_value is the interval value in months. An admin can modify that value to give the notice to the user that either the schema or the application needs to be updated, based on update or release schedules.
In additional to the user notification, a record is created in ST_LOG that will give details on the versions and what update is needed.