Define Parent Level Method Analyte Group to SPM Contracts

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Define Parent Level Method Analyte Group to SPM Contracts

Parent Method Analyte Group (MAG) will have members or children that are a subset of the full RT_MTH_ANL_GROUP table of MAGs. The Parent and Child(ren) MAGs are defined using the RT_GROUP and RT_GROUP_MEMBER tables.


Define Parent/Child MAGs:


The database must have the 7.22.1+ SPM schema applied, which adds the GROUP_CODE column to DT_SPM_CONTRACT_MAG. Additionally, ST_GROUP_TYPE.GPOUP_TYPE must have record named "method_analyte_group_code".


1.Populate the RT_GROUP table:

oGROUP_CODE (required - this is the Parent MAG name (any name))

oGROUP_TYPE (required (Foreign Key – ST_GROUP_TYPE.GROUP_TYPE) - use "method_analyte_group_code" )

oREMARK (optional - e.g. “Parent MAG”)

2.Populate the RT_GROUP_MEMBER table:

oGROUP_CODE (required - this is the Parent MAG name in RT_GROUP table)

oMEMBER_CODE (required – add records with METHOD_ANALYTE_GROUP_CODE from the RT_MTH_ANL_GROUP table)

oMEMBER_TYPE (required value = “method_analyte_group_code”)

oREMARK (optional – e.g. “Parent MAG”)

3.Steps 1 and 2 can be repeated if multiple Parent MAGs are desired.



Add MAGs using Parent MAG to SPM Contract:


1.Select Contracts on the Plan ribbon.

2.Select a contract. See the Setup Contracts article if the desired contract does not already exist.

3.Click Add on the Method Analyte Groups tab in the Contracts Items pane The SPM Contract MAG window opens for creating Contract Method Analyte Groups based on Method Analyte Groups found in the RT_MTH_ANL_GROUP table.

4.Check the Use Parent MAG box This will activate the Parent MAG drop-down box.

5.Click the Parent MAG drop-down and select a Parent MAG This will filter the Method Analyte Group (below) drop-down box list to only contain the MAGs created in the RT_GROUP_MEMBER as Child(ren) of the Parent MAG.

6.Select a child MAG from the Method Analyte Group drop-down box, check the CAS_RN's or analytes for this contract MAG.

7.Name the new SPM Contract MAG using the Contract MAG Name box above.  

8.Click Create at the very bottom.


NOTE: On the SPM Contracts screen, in the Method Analyte Groups grid, the "Parent MAG" column should show the Parent MAG of the new contract MAG.