Live (22.2)

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Live (22.2)



Live File Processor – AirVision Agent Renamed to AQS RD Transaction [d21249]

Updated the name of the AirVision Live File Processor Agent to be 'AQS RD Transaction' Agent.





Live File Processor – Enterprise/Workflow EDP Capabilities [d18637]

Added the ability to process Live File Processor data through Enterprise workflow as standard EDD files, which can be accessed via the EDP EDD Upload widget.





Live File Processor – New Settings for dateTimeHeaderLinesRegexGroups and dateTimeIntervalDefaultValue [d19586]

Added settings to the Live File Processor to allow getting the date-time from the file's header and to add a constant time increment (or decrement) to each data line's date-time.





Live Heatmap Widget – Fixed Bug That Prevented Saving Changes to the Widget [d19884]

Fixed an issue in the Live Heatmap Widget prevented users from saving changes after the widget was configured.





Live Historical Chart Widget – Improve Handling of Incorrectly Configured Series [d19821]

Fixed a bug in the Live Historical Chart Widget that caused the chart to not render when an incorrectly configured series was added to the widget.





Live Historical Chart Widget – Qualifiers Appear on Correct Data Points [d20929]

Fixed a bug where qualifiers added to the Historical Chart Widget appeared in the wrong data points due to DT_LOGGER.UTC_OFFSET_HRS.





Live Wind Rose Chart Widget – Fixed Widget Editor [d19747]

Fixed a bug in the Live Wind Rose Chart widget where a user was unable to save changes to the existing widget configuration. 





Live Wind Rose Chart Widget – Improve Handling of Commas [d21038]

Fixed a bug where the Live Wind Rose Chart widget would not load data when using a comma decimal separator.