Live (7.20.1)

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Live (7.20.1)






Live Historical Chart Widget: Lock Y axis [m169574]

Historical Chart Y axis scale is now locked. Added option in the Widget Editor to unlock the Y axis.





Live Data Computation/Deriver Agents: Allow User-Defined SQL Variables [m174996]

Live Data Computation/Deriver Agents have been updated to allow user-defined SQL variables.





Live Date and Depth Series Data: Show Logger and Series STATUS_FLAGs [m178696]

For Live Date/Depth Series Data, added STATUS_FLAGs to logger and series parameter lists. Plus, added 'Show inactive data?' parameter (default value = false), and show STATUS_FLAG column in report output if showing (active and) inactive data.





Live Historical Chart Widget: Adjust Start Date by Local Offset [m179011]

Changed the start date for series to be UTC time instead of local time. Previously, series start dates were offset by local timezone, causing some data to not get captured at the start of the chart.





Live Historical Chart Widget: Daylight Savings Time Corrections [m179217]

Addressed an issue where Daylight Savings Time was causing date errors.





Live Date and Depth Series Data: Series SYS_LOC_CODEs Not Showing [m179309]

The series parameter list for the Live Date/Depth Series Data agents now shows the series sys_loc_code, COALESCE(s.sys_loc_code, l.sys_loc_code), not the logger sys_loc_code. (This was a bug in the, and prior, versions of the reports.)





Live Wind Rose Widget: Add Refresh Option [m179869]

Added option for the widget to auto refresh. The property is set on the Options tab in the Widget Editor.





Live Historical Chart Widget: Unit Display Inconsistency Compared to Live Chart [m180249]

The Historical Chart widget now appends the series unit to the series name to behave the same as the Live Chart widget.





Live Agents: PowerShell Scripts for Installing, Uninstalling, and Selecting a Menu Option [m180778]

Added PowerShell scripts for installing, uninstalling, and selecting a menu option for Live Agents that can be installed as Windows Services.





Live Wind Rose Widget: Add Periodic Date Range Option [m180796]

Added a "Periodic" date range option. The property is set on the Options tab in the Widget Editor.





Live Eleven-X Agent/Report: Add Start and End Dates to URI and Use Pages [m181377]

For the Live Eleven-X agent/report, added start and end dates to URI, and use pages, to get all of the data from the web API. (The web API limits the data in the responses that it sends.)





Live Historical Chart Widget: Remain at Current Zoom When Adding Remarks/Qualifiers [m181495]

The Historical Chart widget remains at the current zoom when adding, editing, or removing remarks or qualifiers. Remarks no longer need to be refreshed to edit/delete.





Live Historical Chart Widgets: Dialog Box for Adding Qualifiers [m181497]

When adding a qualifier to the Historical Chart widget, a user can now adjust the date range and to which series to apply the qualifier.





Live: ODBC Import Agent [m183916]

Added an ODBC Import Agent/report (in EarthSoft.Live.Reports.dll) for importing data from database management systems (DBMS) into EQuIS Live, using Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).