Professional (7.20.1)

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Professional (7.20.1)





Professional Backstage: Fix "Change Password" Button for ALS Connections [m160560]

A bug prevented ALS users from changing the password in EQuIS Professional. This has been fixed.





DQM - Save|Complete Events With Multiple TEST_BATCH_TYPES [m173298]

An error has been discovered when trying to Save a DQM Event that was Started with a QAPP including the Global Parameter test_batch_type = more than one value (e.g., ANALYSIS, PREP). This error has been fixed.
Note that using more than one value for this parameter may create duplicates of result rows in the DQM Event, and may prevent Saving the Event. Review the documentation for details:





Schema - Create Strongly-Typed Table Structure For EDP Support [m173772]

Created the new EQUIS.BUILD_TABLE_TYPE database stored procedure that will create "table_types" for any/all tables in the database (except the XT_* tables); also, added code to execute this stored procedure when the schema is updated.





Schema - Standard RT_HOLDING_TIME Updates From DQM [m174518]

Applied table structure updates to RT_HOLDING_TIME in the standard schema (schema.xml/e), that were made previously only in the DQM schema (schema.DQM.xml/e) - with the exception that the default and check constraints on [ht_unit] and [calculation_unit] do not exist if DQM is not applied.





EQuIS Professional Ribbons and Toolbars - Icon Improvements [m174771]

The EQuIS Professional ribbons and toolbars have updated, multi color icons, which have been resized for easier icon recognition and clicking space.





Advanced Action Level Locations - Add Support for ACTION_LEVEL_MIN [m176810]

Previous releases did not include support for ACTION_LEVEL_MIN in advanced action level lookups. This build adds support for ACTION_LEVEL_MIN for location advanced action levels. Support for other advanced action levels will be added in the next build. We recommend this report, if already published to your project database(s), be republished following these instructions:





DQM - Add Feature To Allow Reason Codes To Be Ranked [m177740]

A new feature in DQM allows the user to add rankings to Reason Codes. This functionality uses the REASON_CODE_RANK column, which was added to RT_DQM_REASON in the schema update for v7.19300.
In situations where the same qualifier may be applied for multiple exceptions, the Reason Code ranking enables identifying the most important reason why an exception occurred.
The existing "merge_ranked_reason_codes" Global Parameter now also includes RANK ALL and TOP RANK ONLY as acceptable values.
If "merge_qualifiers" = TRUE, then for the following "merge_ranked_reason_codes":
-- TOP RANK ONLY = only list top ranked Reason Code;
-- RANK ALL = merge the Reason Codes from all exceptions in ranked order (by reason_code_rank).
-- ALL or EQUAL ONLY = merge the Reason Codes from all exceptions in un-ranked order.
If "merge_qualifiers" = FALSE, then for the following "merge_ranked_reason_codes":
-- ALL = merge the Reason Codes from all exceptions, un-ranked;
-- RANK ALL = merge the Reason Codes from all exceptions, ranked by reason_code_rank;
-- EQUAL ONLY = merge the Reason Codes from the highest ranked qualifier(s);
-- TOP RANK ONLY = merge Reason Codes based on the top qualifier rank and reason code(s) associated with that qualifier





ArcEQuIS- Add Data Form- Filter/Search Navigation Pane [m177862]

Add the ability to search for facilities in the Add Data Form of ArcEQuIS.





Schema - Add Custom Fields And AQS Fields to at_equipment_location [m178212]

In the standard schema (schema.xml/e) - added the following columns to AT_EQUIPMENT_LOCATION:
- custom_field_1
- custom_field_2
- custom_field_3
- custom_field_4
- custom_field_5
In the AQS schema (schema.AQS.xml/e) - added the following columns to AT_EQUIPMENT_LOCATION:
- AQS_poc
- AQS_parameter_code (pollutant)
- AQS_method_code
- g_value (value between 0 and 1)





EQuIS for ArcGIS (ArcMap) - Does Not Release License When Closed [m179266]

The issue of the PremierG or PremierDG License not immediately releasing when ArcMap is closed has been fixed. The license is now released when ArcMap closes.





ArcEQuIS - Add Data - Form Fix and Resizing [m180029]

Enabled resizing the Add Data Form and fixed an issue with adding a linked data layer after removing the associated site layer.





Add New AAL Columns to Crosstab AL Columns [m180297]

When running a Cross-tabbed ALEII with two or more action levels that each call a different Advanced Action Level, the Crosstab was creating a new column header (or row header) for each CAS_RN / Action Level combination.
This has been fixed for this configuration to return to the expected behavior: the Crosstab creates one column header (or row header) for each CAS_RN / Action Level combination.





ARII - "Error Converting Data" For Certain Format Code Inputs [m181355]

Fixed the bug that Analytical Result II generates the error of "Error converting data type varchar to numeric" when the selected value of the "Format Code" or "Custom" parameter contains Letter E or P. We recommend this report, if already published to your project database(s), be republished following these instructions:





EQUIS.TABLE_ORDER Improvements - Return Tables Not In The "dbo" Schema and View Wrapper [m181717]

Bug fix in SQL stored procedure [equis].[table_order] so that tables created in a schema other than the standard [dbo] are properly recognized/returned.
Added view [dbo].[vw_table_order] which does the actual ranking work.
Note: fix also applies to [dbo].[esp_table_order] since it is a wrapper to [equis].[table_order].





Version-Specific Help Content and Simplified Version Identity [m182119]

Starting with this release, each version will be identified by the two digit year followed by quarter. For example, this release will be referred to as "20.1", as it is the quarter one release in the year 2020. The version number of individual DLLs will now be 7.20.1.yynnn (where yy is the two digit year and nnn is the day of year on which the DLL was compiled) but the yynnn will no longer be part of the version identity.
Also starting with this release, online documentation will be available for each supported version and the software will be linked to its version-specific documentation (e.g.





Advanced Action Levels - Published Crosstab - Truncated Report Output [m183459]

Published crosstab reports in Professional and Enterprise EZView Widgets failed to return all data for certain Advanced Action Level inputs. The issue occurs when running Action Level Exceedance II reports using MAG_SUM advanced action levels. This issue has been resolved and a HOTFIX is available: