Enterprise (22.2)

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Enterprise (22.2)



Document and Photo Browser Widget – File List Pane Improvements [d21034]

Improved the File List pane of the Document and Photo Browser widget such that a selected file or folder will be highlighted in the pane.





Document and Photo Browser Widget – Option to Configure File List Pane Width [d19534]

Added an option to set the width of the File List pane in the Document and Photo Browser widget.





EDP EDD Upload Widget – Non-Admins Can Download EDD Format Description [d20966]

Fixed a bug where non-administrator users were unable to download an EDD Format Description.





EIA Editor – Added a New JSON Mode to the EIA Webhook Body Input Box [d19152]

Added a JSON editor component to the EIA Editor Webhook tab that allows JSON validation in the body of a Webhook EIA.





EIA Editor – Option to Specify Which EDD Format for "New Data" Type EIAs [d19998]

Added a format filter to the Enterprise EIA Editor that allows a user to specify which EDD format to limit a "New Data" type EIA.   





Enterprise – Check all Audience Entries in ST_CONFIG When Using a Custom Client ID [d20908]

Fixed a bug in TokenHelper that was limiting the audience to the first ST_CONFIG entry when using a custom ClientID.





Enterprise – Memory Usage when Running Published Crosstab Reports [d20568]

Fixed memory usage in crosstabs that would spike when a significant number of crosstabs were being run from Enterprise EZView widgets, causing a server slowdown.





Enterprise – WEBSITE_FQDN Environment Variable Works in a Multi-site/Single-folder Method of Installation [d21031]

Fixed a bug in Enterprise where the WEBSITE_FQDN environment variable was not working in a multi-site/single-folder method of installation.





Enterprise Workflow Service – Improve Handling of Misconfigured EDD Formats [d19557]

Resolved an issue where a misconfigured EDD format would cause the Enterprise workflow service to stop running. 





Enterprise Workflow Service – New and Updated EDD Format Definitions No Longer Require a Workflow Restart [d20103]

The Enterprise Workflow Service will no longer require a restart to use new or updated EDD format definitions.





Explorer Widget – Non-Admins Can Create, Edit, and Delete Folders [d20251]

Added functionality for non-admin users to configure folders, as follows:
1. Non-admin with Creator permission on the groups and folders object type can create new groups at the root level.
2. Non-admin with Creator permission on the groups and folders object type and owner on a group can create a group within that group.
3. Non-admin with Owner permission on a group can edit that group.
4. Non-admin with Owner permission on a group can delete that group.





Explorer Widget – Selecting Folder Name in Explorer Will Highlight the Label [d18214]

Selecting a folder in the Folder Tree of the Explorer widget, new/copy dashboard creation, and when saving a new report now highlights the selected folder.





HTML Widget – Text Area Fills Space in Widget Editor [d17855]

Expanded the text input area to fill the remaining space in the Widget Editor of an HTML widget.





Live Wind Rose Chart – Display Data as a Percentage of the Whole [d19916]

Updated the Live Wind Rose Chart to display data as a percentage of the whole.





Map Widget – Button to Set Custom Map Extent [d21426]

Added a button on the Extents Tab in the Widget Editor of the Map Widget that will set the current extent of the map as the custom extent.





Map Widget – Default Symbol for CSV Layer [d14397]

When creating a CSV layer in a Map widget, a default symbol will be added if a symbol is not selected in the Widget Editor.





Map Widget – Enable Measuring Distance and Area on Map [d20605]

Added options to measure distance and area on the Map widget.





PDF Viewer Widget – Fix Search Box Functionality [d21424]

Within the PDF Viewer widget, users can search on filename, start date and end date. Fixed an issue with how the search would function when invalid dates were entered.





Time Series Chart Widget – Explanatory Message for Reports with >1000 Points [d21521]

The following message will display in the Time Series Chart widget when the selected report contains more than 1000 points:
"Reports with more than 1000 data points will not render visual output. Please see documentation for more information."





User Profile Editor – Improvements for Disabling a User [d19695]

Improved user experience when disabling a user in the User Profile Editor.





Web Forms Widget – Add Messages When Submitting Data [d20260]

Added message dialogs when submitting data from the Web Forms widget. Users will be asked to confirm data submittal prior to uploading to EQuIS.





Web Forms Widget – Auto Adjust Width and Wrap Text in Column Header [d20994]

Improved the display in the Web Forms Grid Entry Screen so that the width of the column headers will auto adjust to fit the length of the text.





Web Forms Widget – Disable Saving When Creating a Data Form with an Attached Report [d18650]

When creating a new data form in the Web Forms widget from a template that has an associated pre-population report, the Save button will not be active until all information in the report has loaded to the new data form.





Web Forms Widget – Dynamic Selectors Not Working [d21032]

Fixed the dynamic selectors in the Web Forms widget so that they will open as expected.





Web Forms Widget – Indicate that Entered Data Have Not Been Saved [d21078]

Enhanced the Web Forms Widget Grid Entry Screen to indicate when changes have been made on the form but not saved. An asterisk will display to the right of the form name until the changes have been saved.





Web Forms Widget – Keyboard Shortcut "Edit Next Line" changed to "Edit Next Row" [d20083]

Changed the text of Keyboard shortcut from "Edit Next Line" to "Edit Next Row" to be consistent with other shortcut descriptions within the Web Forms widget.





Web Forms Widget – Keyboard Shortcut to Edit Previous Cell [d20186]

Corrected keyboard shortcut for editing the previous cell to be Shift + Tab rather than Ctrl + Tab.





Web Forms Widget – Option to Add Multiple Rows to Data Form [d19770]

Improved Web Forms widget to include the ability to add multiple rows simultaneously.





Web Forms Widget – Performance Improvements [d21553]

Improved performance and responsiveness of the Web Forms widget.





Web Forms Widget – Show Number of Files/Images Added to Field [d20627]

Enhanced the file/image field buttons in the Web Forms widget to display the number of files added to the field. The file names are displayed in a tooltip when a user hovers the mouse over the button.





Workflow Widget – Improve Insufficient Permission Error [d20162]

Non-Administrator users now get a message to contact their system administrator when viewing the Workflow Widget: