EDGE (7.21.3)

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EDGE (7.21.3)





EDGE Format: Issue with Pushing Data into Package from SampleSpecies Table [d10665]

Fixed an issue with pushing data into the package from SampleSpecies table.





EDGE Format: Add COCParameter_v1 Section [d10778]

Added COCParameter_v1 section to the EDGE format. This section targets the DT_CHAIN_OF_CUSTODY_PARAMETER table.





EDGE: SYS_SAMPLE_CODE Not Linked Between SampleTableForm and Field Samples Tab [d11311]

Fixed an issue where the SYS_SAMPLE_CODE was not linked between the SampleTableForm and Field Samples Tab, and thus, changes in one would not be reflected in the other.





EDGE Field EDD Report: Error When Not Using SPM Schema [d11782]

Resolved error that occurred when running the EDGE Field EDD report without the SPM Schema.





EDGE: Issue Copying Row in Data Tabs [d12173]

Fixed an issue that occurred with copying a row when clicking on Copy button in Data Tabs.





EDGE: Removing Scheduled Analysis Not Working Properly [d13161]

Fixed an issue with removing a Scheduled Analysis in the COC Manager.