Probes Manager

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Probes Manager

A new logger interface in EDGE, titled Probes Manager, allows the versatility of selecting from a variety of models of the same logger, at the same time allowing for differentiating between data import loggers and live loggers.  


The Probe Manager is launched each time a logger is selected from the Devices ribbon.      




Assuming the In-Situ logger is selected, the Probe Manager presents a selection of all In-Situ sensor models supported by EDGE.        


The Select Sensor option appears. In the example above, the selected In-Situ_Level500 brings up the option of opening the data file associated with this logger. Information about where the example data files are located is visible in the Select Sensor window (as a general rule, for demonstration purposes, data files are available in EDGE at EDGE\Tutor\SensorExamples).  


25321_Sensor_2018-09-07_1255_probes manager_2_in-situ


If a live sensor is chosen, such as Modbus in the example below, an additional option is presented to the user, allowing for connection to the live sensor and importing data in a real-time manner. The data can be imported in any of the tabs which support data import, as these are selected by the user. In  this example, four tabs are available and all four were selected to import data from the live sensor.


25321-ModBus-2018-09-07_1258_probes manager_3_in-situ_modbus


Once the Connect option is chosen, a sensor interface is brought up, where manipulation of data import, probe and sensor details, remapping options are available.  


The first tab, Imported Data brings up all data which is available upon live importing from the sensor.


25321-Modbuscolumns2018-09-07_1330probes manager_4_in-situ_modbus_data


The next tab, Probe, brings up information about the probe.


25321-ProbeTab-2018-09-07_1340 probes manager_5_in-situ_modbus_probe


The Filtering tab allows for selection of data being imported, including  time, parameters, and configuration of filters.    

25321-Filtering-2018-09-07_1341 probes manager_5_in-situ_modbus

The Remapping tab displays all parameters being imported, including the equivalence between external parameters (as imported from the sensor) and the internal ones (from EDGE). The remapping column offers information about the remapping to database. An Error message shows that the imported data is not being remapped properly into the database.      


25321-Remapping-2018-09-07_1345 probes manager_7_in-situ_modbus_remap


The Parameters tab shows the imported parameters as Selected or Last Received.      


25321-Parameters-2018-09-07_1439 probes manager_8_in-situ_modbus_parameters


The last tab, Sensors, gives detailed information about each of the sensors used to gather the data.


25321-Sensors-2018-09-07_1443 probes manager_9_in-situ_modbus_sensors