Troubleshooting Published Crosstabs

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Troubleshooting Published Crosstabs

Invalid Template References


When a crosstab configuration includes an invalid template reference, the report will run with no template applied.


Action Level Inputs


Users can use a single saved crosstab configuration (either as a locally saved .xml or published to the database as a user report) and interchange the action levels included in the base report or input parameters. However, there are limitations to the crosstab configuration when this is done.


When creating crosstabs with more than one action level, do the following:

Include the main action level column (the one named [Your Action Level's name]_action_level) for all action levels in the configuration, even if blank.

Include the same combination of action level columns for each action level. For example:








If users continue to encounter "mismatch" errors when using different combinations of more than one Action Level in a published crosstab, you can use an ST_CONFIG setting to remove action level captions as detailed here. The following steps can also be used to modify the published crosstab to replace references to specific action levels with a generic name:


1.Follow the Manual Method of opening a published crosstab to create an XML file for the crosstab configuration.


2.Open the *.xml file created, edit as follows:

a.Find the  <rowHeaders> section (near the end).


b.For each action level header, replace the name of the action level with a number, and replace the Caption row with "<Caption />". For example, change your existing:


<Column>Industrial Groundwater_action_level</Column>

<Caption>Industrial Groundwater</Caption>



<Caption />


c.Repeat this for each action level header (and caption), numbering them sequentially, 1_action_level, 2_action_level, etc. for each action level in the saved configuration.




3.Within the EQuIS Blobber Form, click Update and select the edited *.xml file.


After following the steps above, the published crosstab should accept different sets of action levels without error, as long as the number of action levels in your parameter matches the number of action levels in the crosstab configuration.


Note: The workaround described above may not provide the desired output if your row headers include an action level FLAG or WARNING_FLAG column.