Live File Processor Agent Folder – Local or Shared

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Live File Processor Agent Folder – Local or Shared

Local and shared folders can be used by the Windows service and the report, but the following settings are only used by the Windows service:







The folder watcher's FileSystemWatcher.InternalBufferSize, in bytes. The default is 8192 bytes (8 KB), the minimum is 4096 bytes (4 KB), and the maximum is 65536
(64 KB). If there are many file changes in a short time, the buffer can overflow, and some files may not be processed. Increasing the size of the buffer can prevent missing file system change events. However, it is expensive, because it comes from non-paged memory that cannot be swapped out to disk. Therefore, keep the buffer as small as possible.


If the buffer overflows, an error is logged, e.g., InternalBufferOverflowException (Too many changes at once in directory:C:\EarthSoft\Live\Lorentz.), in file %env{temp}/equislogs/{process}.log.


Default Value: 8192 (bytes)



Delay loading file data, by this number of milliseconds, after a file change is detected.


The FileSystemWatcher, used by the agent to watch the files and folders, may detect MULTIPLE near-same-time OnChanged events for ONE file system operation (e.g., copying a file). To prevent a file from being processed multiple times for one file system operation, the agent starts/resets a timer when it detects an OnChanged event that fires after this number of milliseconds (e.g., 500 ms) and processes the file.


The timer also frees up the FileSystemWatcher thread, by processing the files on a ThreadPool thread. Thus, the folder watcher's FileSystemWatcher.InternalBufferSize does not need to be too big.


This setting may need to be increased for larger files that take longer to copy. (The FileSystemWatcher may not get an OnChanged event when the copying completes.)


Default Value: 1000 (milliseconds)