File Processor Agent Installation and Configuration

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File Processor Agent Installation and Configuration

Installation and Setup


Follow these steps to install, configure, and start this agent.


Continuous Data Loading


When the agent starts, it connects to the EQuIS Live database and watches each processor's folderWatcherPath for file changes. When the agent detects a new file, or new data in an existing file, it automatically loads the data to the EQuIS Live database, specifically tables: DT_LOGGER ('logger'), DT_LOGGER_SERIES ('series'), and DT_LOGGER_DATUM ('datum').


Note: A series can be activated or deactivated by setting its STATUS_FLAG = 'A' or 'R', to start or stop (respectively) obtaining data for it. (The agent must be restarted for it to detect the changes.)


Command Line Options


EarthSoft.Live.Agents.File Processor.exe supports the following command line options:





Add a DT_LOGGER row for the given processor, logger_code, and folder, using the *.config file's loggerDescPrefix and utcOffsetHrs.

e.g., addlogger CNL "some logger code" "C:\some folder"


This is only needed for custom processors; generic processors add DT_LOGGER rows automatically when they load the file data.


The agent must be restarted for it to detect the new DT_LOGGER row(s).


Load data for all files that were added to the watched folder(s), or changed, while the agent was not running.


Common command line options for all EQuIS Live Agents that can be installed as Windows Services are listed here.