Survey Results (by Survey Type)

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Survey Results (by Survey Type)

Report Name: Survey Results (By Survey Type)


Report Type: Standard EQuIS Alive Report


Description: This report prompts the user to select the survey type of interest prior to opening, and uses this selection to determine the available parameters that display.



The parameters are based on the custom fields that were selected for the survey type. These fields come from RT_PARAMETER and are associated with the table as a group in RT_GROUP and RT_GROUP_MEMBER. The output is raw survey results with the custom field values also being returned.


Notes for Enterprise Use:

Due to the custom nature of this report, publishing it to the database involves the special steps explained below. This is required for use of the report in Enterprise*.

oOpen the Survey Results (by Survey Type) Report in EQuIS Professional.

oIn the popup window that opens, select the desired Survey Type and check the option to "Publish Report As".

oUpdate the default report name as desired. A report of the selected Type will be published to ST_REPORT and ST_REPORT_PARAMETER. The ST_REPORT.REPORT_NAME column populates with the survey type value prefixed with "FB77486--" in reference to the report .dll assembly file.

The EarthSoft.Reports.Library.77486.dll file must* be in the Enterprise bin folder for this report to run in EQuIS Enterprise.


File Name: EarthSoft.Reports.Library.77486.dll


Language: English


Input Parameters: A selection made to customize the output of a report.


Input Parameters




Date Range

Start Date

End Date



[Additional parameters based on Alive Survey Group defined in RT_SURVEY_TYPE.SURVEY_PARAM_GROUP_CODE which links to a group of the parameters in RT_GROUP]


Taxonomy [This will hold all taxonomy_code including its own groups as defined by using parent_code.]




Life Stage(s)

Quantity Estimated

Evidence Only

[Additional parameters based on Alive Observation Parameter Group defined in RT_SURVEY_TYPE.OBSERV_PARAM_GROUP_CODE which links to a group of the parameters in RT_GROUP


Note: * refers to hidden parameters.




Database Type: SQL


Database Schema: Standard and Alive schemas required


Database Version: EQuIS 5.6.1 for Alive 5.6.1; EQuIS 6.1 for Alive 6.1


Data Requirements: Contact for more information if no information is available.


Report Requirements: N/A


Output Type: Report grid with options for Excel and Crosstab


Example Output: View the following example.