Sample Interval Depths and Elevations

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Sample Interval Depths and Elevations

The EnviroInsite form reports require that sample interval depths and elevations be associated with all measured data. The sample interval depths may be drawn from the START_DEPTH and END_DEPTH fields of the DT_SAMPLE table or DT_WELL_SEGMENT table. The data source depends on the value of DT_SAMPLE.MATRIX, whether DT_WELL_SEGMENT has been populated, and the value of RT_WELL_SEGMENT_TYPE.IS_SCREEN_YN.


The following image illustrates the logic to determine whether interval depth values are to be drawn from either the DT_WELL_SEGMENT table or DT_SAMPLE table.



Records containing sample interval data within the DT_WELL_SEGMENT table will be determined based on the value of DT_WELL_SEGMENT.SEGMENT_TYPE and the value of the associated record in the RT_WELL_SEGMENT_TYPE table. The DT_WELL_SEGMENT records containing a SEGMENT_TYPE value for which  RT_WELL_SEGMENT_TYPE.IS_SCREEN_YN has been set to “Y” will be presumed to contain a sample interval. If a “N” value is assigned in any record of  RT_WELL_SEGMENT_TYPE.IS_SCREEN_YN, then DT_WELL_SEGMENT records with a SEGMENT_TYPE value of “SCREEN” or “FILTRO” will be assumed to contain a sample interval. The figure below illustrates the described logic for finding the depth interval from the DT_WELL_SEGMENT table.