Google Earth 3D Action Level Sample Parameters

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Google Earth 3D Action Level Sample Parameters

Report Name: Google Earth 3D Action Level Sample Parameters (example)

File Name: EarthSoft.Interfaces.Google.dll

Dependencies: Saved Sample Parameter user report

Software: EQuIS Professional

Source: EQuIS Professional install

Language: English

Output Type: Keyhole Markup Language (*.kmz)1, 2, 3


Description: This report compares the results of a saved Sample Parameters report to user selected action level(s), and exports the content as a *.kmz. When viewed in Google Earth, the concentrations of each parameter will be displayed as a 3D cylinder for a location and colored based on the action level. Prior to using this report, please review the Submission of Content Warning for Google Earth reports as well as the commercial license requirements.


Installation Instructions: This report assembly is part of the EQuIS Professional installation. No additional installation steps are necessary.



In order for locations to appear in this report:




DT_LOCATION.LOC_TYPE must be populated.

DT_LOCATION.SYS_LOC_CODE must be populated.


This report includes data over the selected date range. You can drag the time slider or press the Play button to watch the values change over time.




Report Parameters

Saved Sample Parameters Report

Select a saved Sample Parameters user report

Action Level(s)

Select one or more Action Levels


Report Output

The report output for this report is a *.kmz file that that is viewed in Google Earth.


The output of the report shows concentrations of each parameter represented as a vertical cylinder at each location. The height of the cylinder represents the parameter value (taller cylinders show greater value). The color of the cylinder is determined by the selected action level:


RED: Indicates that the parameter value exceeds the action level (DT_ACTION_LEVEL_PARAMETER.ACTION_LEVEL) for that parameter.

YELLOW: Indicates that the parameter value exceeds the warning level (DT_ACTION_LEVEL_PARAMETER.WARNING_LEVEL) for that parameter, but does not exceed the action level.

GREEN: Indicates that the parameter value is below the warning level (or below the action level if the warning level is NULL) for that parameter.



1Using Google Earth for commercial purposes requires a commercial license from Google which must be obtained separately by the end user.

2EQuIS Google Earth reports do not require Google Earth or Google Services to generate KML files. Charts may be generated by Google Charts.

3KML is an open standard that may be read or viewed in other applications. These reports have only been tested in Google Earth.