Geotechnical Functions – EnviroInsite Downhole Graphic

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Geotechnical Functions – EnviroInsite Downhole Graphic

EnviroInsite templates support the plotting of database functions in Boring Logs or Subsurface Profiles. SQL functions may be used to add graphics to boring log columns in the EnviroInsite template. Functions with names starting with “ei_” will be available in the Functions tab in the right pane of the Template Design window.



EnviroInsite always provides @facility_id and @sys_loc_code as parameters. These functions only support one project (TASK_CODE) per facility.

These functions support a single image (i.e., DT_FILE entry) per DT_FILE.PLACE_TYPE and PLACE_CODE combination documented below.




This function queries the SAMPLE_METHOD, START_DEPTH, END_DEPTH, and DEPTH_UNIT from the DT_SAMPLE table.  For the referenced depth interval, a graphic is then returned from the DT_FILE file where DT_FILE.PLACE_CODE = DT_SAMPLE.SAMPLE_METHOD and DT_FILE.PLACE_TYPE = 'Sample_Type_Graphic'.


Note: If there are multiple graphics with the same DT_FILE.PLACE_CODE = DT_SAMPLE.SAMPLE_METHOD and DT_FILE.PLACE_TYPE = 'Sample_Type_Graphic', then EnviroInsite will overlap the graphics.  




The function returns water level and cave-in graphics.

Water Level(s)

The function searches for the graphic where DT_FILE.PLACE_TYPE = ‘water_level_graphic’ and DT_FILE.PLACE_CODE = DT_WATER.TABLE.TYPE and prints the graphic at the DT_WATER_TABLE.DEPTH of the associated DT_WATER_TABLE.TYPE.

Cave In

Depth to plot at: PARAM_VALUE from the DT_LOCATION_PARAMETER table where PARAM_CODE = ‘cave_in_depth’

Graphic: DT_FILE.PLACE_TYPE = ‘Cave_In_Graphic’ and DT_FILE.PLACE_CODE = ‘Cave_In_Depth’