Warnings on Historical Field Result Ranges

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Warnings on Historical Field Result Ranges

The EDGE Field EDD can export an expected range for field parameter values for a given location based on historical data. EDGE can raise alerts if values are entered which fall outside of the historical minimum to maximum value range.


Export an EDGE Field EDD


1.Open the EDGE Field EDD Report in EQuIS Professional or in EQuIS Sample Planning Module (SPM).

2.Select one or more parameters from "Historical\Historical Fields\Field Result(s)".

3.Choose other parameters as desired.

4.Run the EDGE Field EDD Report. The EDGE EDD (*.xls) should now contain the historical ranges in an EDGE_Historical worksheet tab. The Value_Parameter column will be set to the CAS_RN value for each field result chosen.


Use the Historical Range Check in EDGE


1.Ensure the necessary data fields are shown on the Field Results sub-tab or field result section of the Field Sample Form.

2.Open EDGE and load the EDD exported earlier.

3.Enter a value in a field result outside the historical range. If the CAS_RN value on that parameter matches the Value_Parameter in the historical field result data, EDGE will throw a warning and highlight the field if the entered value is outside the historical range.