EDGE Field Files

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EDGE Field Files

Report Name: EDGE Field Files

File Name: EarthSoft.Reports.Library.105409.dll

Dependencies: Licensed EDGE Module and EDGE Schema

Software: EDGE

Source: EDGE install

Language: English

Output Type: *.zip


Description: The EDGE Field Files report generates a *.zip containing all the files collected in EDGE based on a date range.


Installation Instructions: This report requires a licensed EDGE Module and the EDGE Schema applied to the database. For EQuIS Professional use, copy the EarthSoft.Reports.Library.105409.dll file from the EDGE\reports installation directory to the EQuIS Professional installation folder. For default installations, this directory is C:\Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS. For Enterprise use, this report should be published to the database. When publishing the report, the assembly should be stored in the database. The report will be available for selection once it has been published.




Tables: DT_FILE


Input Parameters

Date Range


Select a start date.


Select an end date.

File Type(s)

Parameter for selecting the file types. Default: .jpg|.png|.bmp|.gif|.tif.

File Filter

Place Type(s)

Parameter for selecting place type(s).

Place Code(s)

Parameter for selecting place code(s).

Place Subcode(s)

Parameter for selecting place subcode(s).

Task Code(s)

Parameter for selecting task code(s).

File Name(s)

Parameter for selecting file name(s).