Drill Parameters Values in EDGE

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Drill Parameters Values in EDGE

The Lithology Field tab in EDGE allows you to enter both lithology and drilling parameters in one convenient form. Each drilling parameter entered is mapped as a row in DT_DRILL_PARAMETER.


The drilling parameter name is mapped to the PARAM_CODE field and the drilling parameter value is mapped to PARAM_VALUE.


The PARAM_CODE field has a foreign key to RT_SAMPLE_PARAM_TYPE, so each drilling parameter name must also be entered in that table.


In EDGE, the available drilling parameters are as follows:











param_1 to param_10



For the EDGE drilling parameter data to map properly into EQuIS, these parameter names must be entered as PARAM_CODEs in the RT_SAMPLE_PARAM_TYPE table.

During the EDGE schema update, data was entered into RT_REMAP and RT_REMAP_DETAIL for the default drilling parameters.


Example: Storing the PARAM_CODE in DT_DRILL_PARAMETER as "N1" instead of "blowcount1":


If a different set of drilling parameter names is desired:


Enter those names as PARAM_CODEs in the RT_SAMPLE_PARAM_TYPE table.

Modify the data in RT_REMAP_DETAIL as follows (example assumes "blowcount1" is being changed to "N1"):

1.Open RT_REMAP and verify that a row exists with "edge_drilling_param" in REMAP_CODE and "A" in STATUS_FLAG.

2.Open RT_REMAP_DETAIL and find the row with the following values:

REMAP_CODE = "edge_drilling_param"

EXTERNAL_FIELD = "drilling_parameter"

EXTERNAL_VALUE (EDGE value) = "blowcount1"

INTERNAL_VALUE (EQuIS value) = "blowcount1"

3.Change INTERNAL_VALUE to "N1"

4.Repeat for each new INTERNAL_VALUE.


Now, when you create a package in EDP, the mapping will create a row in DT_DRILL_PARAMETER with PARAM_CODE = "N1".


Changing the Captions displayed in EDGE:


To change the Caption displayed in EDGE for the drill parameter columns, use the instructions in Configuration Plugin Tool.