Sync Issues

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Sync Issues

This article provides suggestions for common issues that users might experience when syncing data.


The given key 'EarthSoft.Collect.Core.Model.Data.ParameterFormData' was not present in the dictionary.


Symptom: A user recieves the "The given key 'EarthSoft.Collect.Core.Model.Data.ParameterFormData' was not present in the dictionary" error when syncing a data form with another user.


Cause: This error occurs when a Form Lookup field is populated with an invalid #ID. Typically, the cause is when a non-valid #ID value is populating the Default attribute of the Form Lookup field. The Form Lookup field stores an #ID value (i.e., an autogenerated integer that is generally hidden and is used to uniquely identify a record in Collect Mobile) that matches the form chosen by the user. The #ID value stored in the Form Lookup field is the key in the key-value pair and is used to match the record called upon in the Form Lookup field. When the #ID is invalid, the key-value pair fails to be matched and the error is thrown.


Solution: Review all Form Lookup fields to ensure they are not populated, either by pre-population, hard-coded values, or Default attribute values.