Active Types per Facility

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Active Types per Facility

The Active Types per Facility analytics tool visualizes the active forms by form type that have been completed on Collect Mobile and pushed back to the server. Form type is a field in the Form Designer and describes the nature and purpose of the form. This field can be defined as anything to meet the user needs. Examples of form types could be environmental, inspection, geotech, and groundwater.




The form template named PiezometerLevel on the Form Designer page has been designated with a form type of Inspection.


Form Type


Once the form is pushed back from Collect Mobile to the server, the Uploaded status on the Forms page displays how many times the form was pushed to the server. In this example, a form named PiezometerLevel2, based on the PiezometerLevel form template, has been uploaded one time.




Clicking on the Uploaded bar opens the Status/Download window, allows the user to view the status and upload details, manually push to EDP, and download any data packages associated to the form.


Upload Status


If the uploading failed, a failed status is displayed. Clicking on the error icon will show the reason the upload failed. Clicking the attachment icon will download the zip error log file.





The Active Types per Facility tool displays a pie chart to indicate types of forms and how many of each type (i.e., numbers in each pie slice) were uploaded to the server. Each form type is a different color in the pie chart. In this example, one form of the inspection type was pushed from Collect and is captured in the analytics. Click on the pie chart to switch the display to a bar chart.


"Environmental" Form Type