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WinLog v4.0, by GAEA Technologies Ltd., is a desktop log-design and plotting program that allows you to create customized log formats relevant to the petroleum, environmental, and mining industries.


"Because WinLog 4.0 is obsolete, it is untested as of EQuIS Professional v6.6.1. Given GAEA's direction with WinLog development, we have created a forum post in support of including StrataExplorer in future versions of EQuIS, and encourage you to vote on that post if the functionality will be important for you. Click here for a link to the forum post.


GAEA provides the following description on the Internet:


"Logs can contain general borehole data (ex. location, client, project number); lithologic descriptions and symbols; sample data; well completion details; water level measurements; geophysical logs; and numerous graphs and text comments.


Borehole log, template, and legend data is stored in Microsoft Access databases. By storing the data in Microsoft Access databases, the data can be easily extracted for use in other programs."


Notes: To see the WinLog button in the Interfaces tab, you have to download and install WinLog from GAEA Technologies and meet the following criteria:

Install WinLog v$ on the PC, and include it in the PC registry.

Obtain and apply EarthSoft registration keys.


Use the EQuIS for WinLoG interface to quickly export your EQuIS data to WinLoG in order to create, edit, and print geotechnical, environmental, mining, oil & gas borehole, and well logs.