Widget Interaction - Maps with Live and Historical Chart Widgets

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Widget Interaction - Maps with Live and Historical Chart Widgets

Within Enterprise Version 7.x and above, widgets can be placed together on a dashboard and be configured to interact with each other. For example, the Map widget and the Live Chart widget can be linked such that, when a location point is hovered over on the Map widget, the corresponding Live data is highlighted in the Live Chart widget.


The widgets must be correctly linked in Professional for this interaction to be possible.


How to Configure these Links


In Professional:

1.To link a series to a location, the desired SYS_LOC_CODE must be present in both DT_LOGGER.SYS_LOC_CODE and DT_LOGGER_SERIES.SYS_LOC_CODE. The location must also have coordinates present in DT_COORDINATE.

2.Populate DT_LOGGER.FACILITY_ID and DT_LOGGER_SERIES.FACILITY_ID with the Facility that the SYS_LOC_CODE is associated with.


In Enterprise:

1.Open both a Map widget and a Chart widget (Live or Historical) on the same dashboard.

2.Setup the Map widget to display the desired location(s).

3.Setup the Live or Historical Chart widget to display a series that belongs to that location.


When hovering the cursor over a location in the Map, the corresponding series will be highlighted in yellow.



Note: This functionality does not work with user reports in the Map Widget. It only works by doing the following:

Map Widget properties > Check - Show Facility Layer (General tab) > Choose the associated Facility > Save.